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Elegance and Strength Combined

We elevate physical transformation to the highest level with our training section that offers a flawless combination of elegance and strength. This section is meticulously designed to provide members with an unforgettable training experience in an atmosphere where aesthetics and power gracefully converge. Our training area, equipped with the latest technology and specialized equipment, allows members to enhance their athletic performance. This striking atmosphere encourages members to push their limits in their sports journey, offering them an inspiring source of motivation.

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Experiences at  Reway
Ankara Sports 


Achieve your desired fitness and health with our NASM-certified, expert personal trainers, offering tailored guidance.



Gain flexibility and strength quickly under the guidance of our experts with Reway’s Pilates Reformer.


Become the Best
Version of Yourself with
PT Fitness

Our expert PTs draw an effective roadmap in fitness and nutrition for our members, offering a flawless program tailored to you. Our personal trainers are familiar with each member’s dietary habits, health status, lifestyle, and goals. Additionally, from the day you start sports, all measurements and tests are meticulously followed, ensuring your training is completed most accurately. Choose the Reway PT fitness program to push your limits and transform into a better version of yourself with each session.

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Meet Your NASM Certified
Personal Sports Trainer

Our PT fitness program aims to help our guests quickly achieve their desired fitness and lifestyle. If you want to entrust yourself to professional hands, you are in the right place. Our personal trainers, holding valid NASM certifications from the United States, are ready to meet every need of our valued members in the field of sports. Our PTs enhance the quality of your workout and motivate you, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the effort you put in.


With our expert PTs, you can maintain consistency and always keep your motivation high, ensuring you never neglect your workouts. When discipline and motivation come together, the training you undertake can transform your life completely. From the first day you enroll in our club’s PT fitness program, you can observe your life reshaping.



Reway Club, with its select member base, offers a limited number of membership opportunities. Our membership is managed through a special referral system, ensuring that each member aligns with the club’s values and high standards. Our members are part of a privileged community of like-minded individuals who prioritize both quality and privacy. Reway Club not only offers an exclusive experience but also provides a strong network and connection opportunities among its members.


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